Stargazing Experience
21st October, 8.30pm to 11.30pm
£30 per person

Acclaimed Astronomer Richard Darn, will take you through the Cosmos and introduce you to the wonders of the galaxy as part of our Stargazing experience. The date chosen, is also aligned with the famous ‘Orionids Meteor Showers’, a yearly spectacle. The perfect chance to search for Autumn stars and constellations.

Experience includes:
Introduction to the sky’s, with Richard Darn
Cocktail around the forest firepit

Limited spaces available please email or call to book. Residents of Camp Katur only please. (Picture shown from the sky above Camp Katur)


We offer more than just glamping stays, we specialise in offering unforgettable experiences like no other using our unbeatable Yorkshire landscape and natural cycles.

Josh Hemingway founder of Pennine Bushcraft and now leader of the nature experiences here at Camp Katur Glamping at The Camp Hill Estate. Josh has extensive knowledge in living off the land, introduced to the natural world by his dad, who taught him how to recognise trees by their bark, and birds by their calls. Along with wife Liane is now educating the wider world in all things wilderness and bushcraft.

Due to restrictions our Workshops will be available from Saturday 22nd May for glamping guests staying with us onsite.

0900 – 1100hrs – Den Building
1130 – 1330hrs – Wild Cooking
1400 – 1600hrs – Seasonal Bushcraft
1630 – 1830hrs – Wild Wonder Walk
1900 – 2100hrs – Fire & Flames

Workshops available every weekend and 7 days a week during holiday periods including:

Spring Half Term (Monday 31st May - Friday 4th June)
Summer Holidays (Monday 26th July - Friday 3rd September)
October Half Term (Monday 25th October - Friday 29th October)
£25 per person per session.
To book head to www.penninebushcraft.com/book-online
*Please note these workshops are for Camp Katur Glamping Guest Only



Den Building

0900 – 1100hrs

Come and join our Rangers to learn how to build shelters in the woods, make hammocks and light fires out in the wild. We will teach your children how to tie knots and set up their own temporary home in the forest while you relax and enjoy some time on your own.

This includes:
• Safe Shelter Build Workshop
• Natural Debris and Man Made Shelters
• Safe Fire Building Workshop
• Campfire Snacks
• Suitable for 5+

Wild Cooking

Wild Cooking

1130 – 1330hrs

In this experience you might be foraging for wild garlic to make your own wild garlic bread, cooking wild pheasant or rabbit, or learning which roots and plants can make delicious soups and teas.

A truly unique experience for all ages, learning how to live off the land that’s right on your doorstep and see what mother nature provides.

This includes:
• Cooking on open fires in our beautiful forest setting
• Learning how to forage for wild edibles
• How to prepare wild game

Suitable for all ages, adult workshops available.


Seasonal Bushcaft Workshop

1400 – 1600hrs

Depending on the time of year, nature’s calendar will provide you with the opportunity to make something from nothing. Using the forest as their classroom, our experts will show you how to use knives, saws and axes, fashion tools from what nature provides or even how to make your own glue and string. Enjoy a lesson from nature.

This includes:
• Cutting Tool Workshops under Instruction
• A Hand Crafted item for you to take home and treasure
• Suitable for ages 5+

Woodland Walks

Wild Wonder Workshop

1630 – 1830hrs

You will be guided by one of our Rangers around the estate and shown some of the flora and fauna that our countryside affords. Do you know what a Squirrel Drey looks like? Do you know how to track a Roe Deer through the woods? Do you know which mushrooms are delicious and which are deadly? We have 300 acres to explore and discover, you’ll never go on a walk and feel the same again.

This includes
• Tracking and Trailing British animals through our wildlife-rich woodland
• Learning about our fantastic plants and trees
• Woodland games, treasure hunts and activities

Suitable for ages 9+


Fire & Flame Workshop

1900 – 2100hrs

Perfect for families to finish a day of adventure. You will play games together at dusk, followed by cosying up round the fire for marshmallows and hot chocolate as the stars begin to twinkle. Listen to the owls hoot and the bats swoop overhead. A fabulous and fun way to end a day.

This includes:
• Campfire Snacks and Hot Chocolate
• Dark Night Exercises and Games
• Spooky Tales
• Bat Walk or Star Trail

Suitable for all ages and families.

The Estate

Our 300 acre Estate has plenty to explore through our wildflower meadows and ancient forests.



Children (and some adults) love to run and play in our Woodland Kingdom Adventure Park. Made from reclaimed natural timber, it’s a child’s dream nestled amongst the forest with slides, ropes and plenty of space to get your knees muddy. We even have a secret Swing Park for you to enjoy in the sunshine.



Tucked between 2 of only 18 designated Dark Sky Reserves around the world, we enjoy heavenly panoramas of starry nights which are protected nocturnal environments. To capture these exceptional views, 16 dwellings benefit from stargazing ceilings for you to stop, and simply look up.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

On our beautiful piece of land, we enjoy a range of species of trees, and are home to a wide variety of flying friends. From Owls to Bullfinches to Buzzards, we can delight you at almost every turn with a new feathered surprise, all you have to do is stop and listen for their call.