Staying with us - Camp Kátur

Staying with us

A warm welcome from the Ropner family & Camp Kátur team

The Estate has been part of our family since 1945 and we still live and work here. You’ll often see Robert on the tractor, mowing the Meadows or Max tending to the livestock. We’re delighted that you’ve come to enjoy the Estate with us, we feel lucky to live in such a wonderful part of North Yorkshire.

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We have three areas to our Estate, The Meadow, Hill Farm and Chestnut Hill, in total we have 31 different hideaways – each unique!

Here’s some more information about your stay and things you may find useful, but of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Camp Kátur | | 01845 202100

Wildlife on our glamping site

The Estate has many beautiful creatures, birds of prey, game and wildlife roaming which must never be harmed, distressed, or interfered with; this is their natural habitat which we ask you to kindly respect. During night-time you may hear various strange sounds and scratchings coming from the woods, these are natural sounds of various wildlife including owls, foxes and deer calling out to one another. We hope you enjoy spotting them all!

Part of the attraction of our Camp is being close to nature and wildlife. During the warmer month’s insects such as wasps and spiders may enter the accommodations so if you are enjoying the fresh air outside, we recommend ensuring you keep your door closed.

You may be lucky enough to see the deer which very occasionally come up into the woodland at dawn or early evening.

During the autumn when the temperature drops wood mice preparing for hibernation may attempt to sneak into accommodation looking for food, we therefor advise not to leave any opened packets of food lying around or else they might not be there in the morning!

We ask that you enjoy our beautiful grounds and surrounding countryside, whilst respecting the landscape, trees & animals by not littering, causing damage, or causing any distress to any animals, trees or plant life.

The Hebridean Pub

Our pub is at the heart of the Estate, serving handpicked Yorkshire Ales, elegant wines, locally crafted spirits and soft drinks – all in our pub with roaring fire, or outside in the courtyard with festoon terrace.

We open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays throughout the Season, from 3pm and will be selling delicious DIY Wood-Fired pizza kits from either reception or the Hebridean staff. Come down, meet the team and enjoy some local Yorkshire produce.


You’ll find our General Store at the end of the Hebridean and near reception, there’s a code for access which you’ll receive on check-in. Once inside, fill out the form with your name, accommodation, date and what you have purchased and then on check out we’ll charge the logs to your account.

Our Reception is open:
Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday – Closed
Sunday – Closed

We have essentials you may need, including:
Bags of ice
Chilled beers
Chilled white and red wine

Stargazing ceilings

Hill Farm Geodomes | Chestnut Hill Geodomes

One of the most amazing features of our Hill Farm and Chestnut Hill Geodomes is the clear ceiling panels. You’ll see, tucked away in your accommodation, a magnetic extendable pole with which to attach and disconnect the stargazing panels from the roof. This takes a little patience, and we recommend on hot days (and when you’re not in the Geodome) to keep the curtains and ceiling panels closed to keep out the heat of the day.

Log Burner

Hill Farm Geodomes | Chestnut Hill Geodomes | Forest Retreat | Meadow Geodomes | Bears Place | Safari Tent | Luna Stella Yurt | Lotus Flower Bell Tent | Emperor Bell Tent | Tinker Bell Tent

You will find complimentary log stores around our site for you to use but kindling and firelighters can be purchased from our General Store to get you started. You can purchase more during your stay at any time.

Please always take care when using our stoves, they have been specially designed to produce a high heat for longer than a conventional stove. They work best with the door closed as it emits heat out from all over its unit over a long time, meaning you need to burn less logs and can enjoy the fire for longer.

Please don’t try burning anything other than logs and firelighters within the log burning stoves, burning wet wood, unseasoned wood or untreated wood will damage the stoves and risk the fires burning inefficiently creating possible toxic fumes. Kiln dried wood is provided by the estate and can be bought from reception.

Please don’t touch the log burners when in operation, they can get extremely hot and are likely to cause injury. If you have young children with you, please take extra care if you use the stove. Please don’t hang wet clothes over the stove as this may present a fire hazard.

Tips for a lighting successful fire:

Good dry seasoned wood, the wood we supply is both dry and seasoned for at least 12 months.
Good air flow, do not close all the air vents on the stoves until it is burning, and you have a hot amber base at which point the air vents can be closed so the fire burns slower.
Start the fire small and build it up, do not completely fill the chamber of the stove straight away.
Do not burn wet, unseasoned, or treated wood, it will not burn very hot and will smoulder, smoke, and possibly create toxic fumes.
Put 3 firelighters in the base of the stoves burning chamber and place a couple the smallest logs/kindling in an ‘A’ frame or tipi shape and light. Once these logs have taken and are burning hot add more logs to the fire.
Once the fire is burning hot close the air vents to slow the burn of the fire and regulate the heat output.

Gas Heaters

If your accommodation has a gas heater, you’ll find instructions on the side of the heater in your accommodation.


Even though we keep a close eye on our stocks, if your accommodation runs out of gas each one is set with a dual valve that connects to another gas bottle ready for use. Simply turn the tap at the top of the valve left or right depending on which bottle is empty or full.


Chestnut Hill Geodomes

Your hot tub has already been set up for your use and will remain turned on throughout your stay there should be no need to adjust its settings. Please shower before use as sun tan lotion, make up and even hair products can discolor the water. Keeping the cover on your hot tub when not in use will keep it at the optimum temperature for when you are ready for a dip, this also keeps the debris and any insects out. We do use chemicals to keep the hot tub clean and sanitary for your stay, please make any allergies to such chemicals known to the staff who can make alternative cleaning arrangements if required.

Wood-Fired Hot Tubs & bath

Hill Farm Geodomes (Equuleus, Hadar, Nashira, Lepus and bath in Aurora) | Chestnut Lodge | Forest Retreat | Bears Place | Lyra

Wood-Fired Hot Tubs take around 3-4hours to heat and will need monitoring to reach the right temperature, including putting logs into the fire regularly.

Please do not light the heater (log burner) unless the tub is filled with water to above the indicated level and do not empty water out of the tub whilst the heater is hot.
Place a firelighter on the grate, cover with kindling and small logs
Open vent at bottom of the door, light firelighter and close door
When fire is going, gently place more smaller logs on top
Add larger logs as fire becomes more established
Close vent to restrict air flow if burning with large flames
Keep monitoring the water temperature thermometer & stop adding logs at approximately 35°C
You are aiming for a stable 38°C to 40°C for bathing
Keep cover on Hot Tub when heating & overnight to keep water hot
Cover to be secured to hot tub using straps if windy, take care to unfasten all straps before removing
Always shower thoroughly before bathing

CAUTION – Metal surfaces may be hot to touch and all surfaces may be slippery when wet.


Each Glamping site on the Estate has a parking area, please try to avoid parking on grass so we can keep the wildlife happy. There’s plenty of signs about when you get near to your accommodation. But please do call if you get stuck. We ask that no vehicles are taken near the accommodations.


With the exception of Lyra in which dogs aren’t allowed, we let up to two well-behaved pooches per accommodation, an extra charge of £30.00 per dog is required. If you have not already booked your dog in for their stay with us, please let us know at check-in. Dogs must be kept on a lead around the estate and please clean up after your fury friend.

Guest Noise and Nuisances

Music can be played, providing it is not too loud and does not disturb fellow guests. Please ensure it is switched off after 10pm.

We will not tolerate unreasonable behaviour. All our guests are here to relax, any behaviour known to disturb fellow guests will be dealt with accordingly and may result in you being asked to leave the Glamping site and deposit bonds withheld.


Please use bins provided inside and outside of your accommodation and dispose of all rubbish bags in the designated rubbish areas. We advise you not to leave rubbish bags outside your accommodation, this may attract local wildlife and rodents.

Fire Procedures

All accommodations are fitted with Carbon Monoxide and smoke alarms, if this alarm starts to sound, or in the event of a fire, exit the accommodation immediately, make you way to a suitable distance from the accommodation and report to Reception or emergency on call number.

Check out

Check out is 10am and we thank you for tidying the communal areas and hideaways before you leave. We’re a small team and we really do appreciate it! Any items missing or damaged within your accommodation will be charged for and are checked before you arrive and after you depart.

We would love to hear from you after your stay, so please do leave us a review!

Useful Contacts

Reception 01845 202100 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm)
Emergency on-call 07714 783350

Police Station 01609 789473
Hospital Northallerton 01609 779 911
Fire & Rescue 01609 780 150

Woodmans Taxis 01677 424242
Shaun’s Ripon 01765 608090
A and B Cars 01765 603020
J.S Cars 01765 603171 / 07824 467636


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